Faucetpay Review 2021 and Earning Methods

Faucetpay Review 2021:FaucetPay is a Cryptocurrency Microwallet that supports seven different Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and DigiByte can all be earned and stored. It is a High Pay Bitcoin Faucet.You may be familiar with FaucetHub, so FaucetPay would be familiar to you. You can receive Bitcoin by watching PTC Ads, Offerwalls, Faucet List, Multiply BTC, and Affiliates on FaucetPay. You can also create your own Faucet on FaucetPay since it contains all of the required resources and scripts. FaucetPay has replaced FaucetHub!

Faucetpay Earning Methods - Faucetpay Review 2021

  • Paid to Click (PTC)
  • Offerwalls
  • Faucet List
  • Multiply BTC
  • Coin Swap
  • Binary
  • Affiliates

Paid to Click (PTC)

There are several Advertiser pages to make money from in the “Paid to Click” portion. The payments for watching these advertisements are not the highest on the industry, but you have a lot of them. The ads are reset daily, so you can watch them all day!


Faucetpay's "Offerwalls" are virtually identical to those of other platforms. There are ten different Offerwalls here. On its platform, and Offerwalls has a unique set of Offers and Tasks. You are not paying immediately by all Offers and others need a check before they are paid.

Faucet List - Faucetpay Review 2021

Since you have 1000+ Faucets to claim from, the primary source of revenue would be the "Faucet List." All the Faucets in this series report to FaucetPay directly. Some pay immediately and some of them prefer to collect a certain amount of Bitcoin before you can cash out.. You need to link a Bitcoin Wallet with your Faucetpay account (check the first dashboard screenshot above, you can find a button on the top which says 'Linked ADDRESSES' and you can include all your cryptocurrency addresses in it! You need to use FaucetPay Instant Cookies for navigation. You are ready to use this list once you have done so!

Multiply BTC

Faucetpay, like FreeBitcoin, allows you to play the Multiply BTC Game. The game, like FreeBitcoin, is built to be Provably Fair, with a randomizable Server Seed (Hash) and a randomizable Client Seed. You can play the game with any of the Coins mentioned above on Faucetpay.

Coin Swap

The “CoinSwap” option on FaucetPay helps you to quickly switch between the 7 Mentioned Coins. I believe it is not a P2P exchange where you will have to wait for your Order to be filled because any time I trade Coins, they appear instantly in my Wallet, which is incredible. This function is useful for those who want to trade as certain Cryptocurrencies begin to travel. But it's still a good way to shield yourself from large market swings in some of the Coins so you can quickly change to some of the others. Often recommended for Claimers who don't want to carry all the Coins and prefer to only keep one or two.


The “Binary” feature is a Bitcoin Options Trading with insanely high profit margins of up to 80% on any trade. The strange thing about this new feature is that you can bet on Bitcoin's price in the feature, but you will select how long the Option will last. 45 seconds is the shortest option available, and 72 hours is the longest. You will effectively make precisely 80% on your invested BTC per 45 seconds.

FaucetPay administrators did cover themselves with a maximum. A bet of 0.02 Bitcoin is already a big bet and you will make 80% on this every 45 seconds. The minimum investment is 10 Satoshi or 0,00000010 BTC. You also can switch the coins in the right corner and trade them for other coins!


The “Affiliates” feature on FaucetPay is good because you can refer people and win commissions based on their actions. They also run a competition for this feature on a regular basis, where the Member with the most Affiliate earnings earns a reward (the first place winner last time was 150$/BTC).

How to Withdraw From Faucetpay?

The “Withdrawals” feature on FaucetPay is really impressive since it uses the same system as FreeBitcoin. You can Cash Out your Coins immediately (5 minutes) or for a reduced fee over the next 4 hours from the order. We checked it for all Coins and it works flawlessly and the concept behind this is basically to provide the User with the security of being able to Cashout the funds at any moment! Since Faucetpay offers Binary Options and people seriously trade there, it is critical for its trustworthiness and reputation.

In conclusion, I became a fan of FaucetPay because it repaid what Faucethub had taken from us. This industry needs a powerful player in the Microwallet room simply to accommodate the thousands of people who want to set up a Faucet and distribute Bitcoins to others. We like the design of FaucetPay; it is easy, but you will have no trouble understanding how this awesome site functions! We strongly advise you to open an account and begin using FaucetPay right away, as the earning opportunity is greater and better than on any other kind of Faucet!

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