Review – Legit Bitcoin Faucet or Scam Review: Freebitcoin was founded in 2013 with the intention of becoming a Bitcoin Faucet where you might claim 0,002$ - 200$ worth of Bitcoin per hour directly into your Bitcoin Wallet. A basic game in which you must touch the number 10000 to win the grand prize after proving that you are not a bot using Google Captcha. You could also Multiply your Bitcoin from the start in a High/Low Game that is provably equal and trackable through Seeds. With time, Freebitcoin grew increasingly creative, adding features such as Daily Accumulating Interest on Balances, Betting on a variety of topics such as Monthly Bitcoin Price Predictions, Lottery, and the Golden Ticket, where one lucky winner receives a Lamborghini. Review

Freebitco Earning Methods - Review

  • Free BTC
  • Multiply
  • Betting
  • Golden Ticket
  • Daily Jackpot
  • Earn BTC
  • Lottery
  • Refer
  • Reward Points

Free BTC

The “Free BTC” function, as the title suggests, allows you to claim Free Bitcoin every 60 minutes, and yes, you read that correctly, it is completely free. So, every hour, you have a chance to reach the number 10000 and win $200 in Bitcoin. On the other hand, you could touch the number 10000 every 10000 times, which means it might be the first or last Roll. For each free Claim, you will also get a limited amount of Lottery Tickets and Reward Points. Personally, I have made 4500 Claims so far and have already earned a 1-second award. The Freebitcoin Bitcointalk Topic of the Greatest Wins validates any conspiracy theorist when thousands of users have already received the amount of 10000. If you are one of the Winners, you will receive an additional $5 in your Bitcoin Wallet if you post proof of your win in this Subject. Have fun doing it!

Multiply Review

A basic provably Fair H/L game will help you multiply your bitcoins. You may place a bet of a certain amount of Bitcoin on a number greater than 5250 or less than 4750. Anything in between is a waste of time. You will put different odds on your bets, allowing your hit number to go up or down and giving you a higher chance of winning. You will multiply the odds from x1.01 to x4750 and claim the jackpot by rolling the number 8888.


The Free Bitcoin Betting functionality is relatively recent, having been launched in late 2019. You can place bets on various events such as sports, the Oscars, presidential elections, and the valuation of Bitcoin at the end of the month. The System is not a conventional betting system since it rewards you for betting early with an extra called "Time Weight Multiplier," which functions as seen in the image below.

The Odds are not that relevant here since an Odd of 1.20 on standard betting bookmakers will be 1.05 on Freebitcoin, but the Time Weight Multiplier will bring the Odd back up to 1.30 if you are among the early betters.

Golden Ticket

This lottery is demonstrably fair. That is, there is no way for Freebitcoin to defraud you by selecting a lottery winner in their favor. Both winners are chosen at random, and the process used to do so is listed below.

  1. At the start of each round, Freebitcoin produces a server seed for that round and displays the SHA256 hash of that seed to all.
  2. When a lottery round is over, Freebitcoin compiles a list of all user ids and their lottery tickets and sorts them in ascending order of the user ids.
  3. This list is then used by Freebitcoin to allocate seat numbers to all fares. If user id 1 has 10 tickets and user id 2 has 20, so user id 1 will have ticket numbers 0 to 9 and user id 2 will have ticket numbers 10 to 29. This is carried out by all consumers.
  4. The list of user IDs, tickets owned by each user, and ticket numbers is then released in a text file. This file also includes the cumulative number of tickets distributed in the round as well as the server Seed for that round.
  5. This text file's MD5 hash is computed.
  6. The current bitcoin block number is then registered, and a block number 12 blocks in the future is chosen. This future block's block hash is used as a "domain seed," i.e. When the list in phase 4 is released, a seed that Freebitcoin is unaware of is produced.
  7. The FreeBitcoins Twitter account ( then sends out a tweet with the connection to the file created in step 4, the MD5 hash of the file, and the potential bitcoin block number calculated in step 6. Since tweets can only be removed, this would include a timestamp for when the list in step 4 was created, which can be compared to ensure that the bitcoin block decided in step 6 is in the future, i.e. When the list is generated, we do not know the block hash of this block.
  8. The winning ticket numbers will be determined as follows:

  • "[SERVER SEED]:[BLOCK HASH]:[WINNING POSITION]" is generated as a string (STRING1).
  • STRING1's SHA256 hash is calculated, and the first eight characters of this hash are extracted (STRING2).
  • STRING2 is converted to decimal, producing a value between 0 and 4,294,967,295 (NUM1).

  • NUM1 is then multiplied by (total number of tickets minus 1) and divided by 4,294,967,295 to produce a number (NUM2) between 0 and less than the total number of tickets.
  • The winning ticket number is then rounded up to the nearest whole number, NUM2.

How is the System Fair?

The method mentioned above for selecting winners is provably equitable because it has several protections to ensure that winners are chosen at random and equally.

  • When a lottery round begins, Freebitcoin generates a SHA256 hash of the server seed. If FreeBitcoin updates the server seed at any moment, the new seed's SHA256 hash would not fit the hash they gave previously. When a round is completed and FreeBitcoin supplies the server seed that will be used to determine winners, the hash of the seed they supply will be compared to the hash they gave initially, and both should fit.
  • As the "client seed," Freebitcoin employs a potential bitcoin block hash, i.e. a seed that we are unaware of. Both bitcoin block hashes are identical, and no one knows what a potential block's hash would be before the block is mined.
  • The potential bitcoin block size, the list of users and their ticket numbers, and the MD5 hash of the address list are all published on Twitter by Freebitcoin. It includes a timestamp to determine if the block hash used by Freebitcoin is still in the future. Since tweets can only be erased, if Freebitcoin deletes the tweet till the future block has been mined and releases a new one, it would be easy to catch them cheating by matching the tweet's timestamp to that of the bitcoin block. The tweet's timestamp should always be earlier than the timestamp of the bitcoin block whose hash is used as the client seed.
  • An MD5 hash of the text file containing the list of users and their ticket numbers is provided by Freebitcoin. If even one character in the text file is modified after the MD5 hash in the tweet is written, the MD5 hash of the edited file would differ from the MD5 hash given in the tweet.

Daily Jackpot 

The Freebitcoin Daily Jackpot is a daily Wagering Contest in which the user that has wagered the most Bitcoins in 24 hours wins the Jackpot in the Banner, which automatically increases over the day.

Earn BTC

The “Earn BTC” functionality of Freebitcoin is special, and they were the first Faucet to offer this fantastic feature. As long as the balance is at least 0.0003 BTC, you gain 4.08 percent a year. Every day at a random moment, Freebitcoin calculates the earnings, and you will get 0.0109589 percent on your balance!


The “Lottery” on Freebitcoin is massive, with 200+ Million Tickets distributed per week. This Lottery, like everything else here, is “Provably Fair” thanks to the algorithms we discussed above in the “Lamborghini Lottery.” You can purchase Lottery Tickets for 1 Satoshi per Ticket. The Tickets are dependent on the Bitcoin price, which ensures that if the Bitcoin price falls below 5000$, the Ticket price would rise by 100% to 2 Satoshi per Ticket. But you don't even need to buy the Tickets because the chances of winning are the same as in a daily Lottery and go to nil for 200+ Million Tickets.


The “Referral Program” function is simple, as is anything else about an Affiliate Program. You essentially have your own Freebitcoin Referral Link that you can share with your mates. Once they register via your Referral Link, you can receive 50% commission on all of their Free Bitcoin Claims as well as 0.4% commission on all of their Wagered Bitcoins.

You also have certain ways to keep your Referrals motivated, such as Auto-Ref-Back, which allows you to set a percentage of your commission to share from 1-100 percent.

Rewards Point

The section named "Rewards Points" is basically a Loyalty Program. Like previously said, you win Reward Points for free claims as well as for every 500 Satoshi wagered. These Reward Points can also be used for various things such as Gift Cards, Bitcoins, or real-world items such as phones, televisions, and other electronics. Reading: A review of in 2020, with in-depth analyses of its features such as Assert Free Bitcoin, Multiply Bitcoin, and more.

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